The Writer


Mico is fascinated by the way words dance together. (Maybe this is because he’s a horrible dancer so he’s compensating by making words dance instead.) He began his love affair with writing at an early age and has written a lot of things since then – the good, the bad and the ugly. Since he started working, though, he hasn’t been able to write much. And no, writing corporate reports and proposals don’t count. This is why he started The Microprose Project.

His writing ranges from poetry to flash fiction to short stories. He tries to explore different genres of writing. Currently he’s trying to learn how to write good creative nonfiction, and hopes that that turns out well for him.

When he’s not writing or slaving away for money in his office in Manila, he watches films and plays, reads books, plays video games, or swims.

Feel free to hit him up if you want to talk to him about anything. He’ll try to respond to you as soon as he can. You can leave him a comment or contact him privately through the form below:


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