The Project

Wikipedia defines flash fiction as “a style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity.” This genre goes by many alternate names: microfiction, sudden fiction, smoke-long story, short short story, etc. That is what this blog is all about. I will publish one piece of flash fiction here once a week.

Now, there isn’t full consensus yet as to what “brevity” means exactly; some writers say less than 1,000 words, others say less than 300 words. For purposes of The Microprose Project, all stories will be less than 500 words.

I started The Microprose Project to satisfy my hunger for writing. I’ve noticed that, since I started working, I have lost time for creative writing. With all the demands of work and maybe of life in general, I have lost time for something  I absolutely love to do. That said, while I may not have the time at the moment to sustain writing full-length novels or longer short stories, I definitely can find time to write at most 500 words a week. It seemed like a good idea so I went ahead and made this blog.

As a writer, I love hearing what other people think about my work, so please feel free to comment on the pieces. In fact, I’d really appreciate your opinions! Like a story? Hate it? Go on and tell me!


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